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This game is gonna rain awesomeness

This game is an really cool game,but I give it a 4 star because I want shark NOW

An idea I have

Maybe make a cave man with a club



Make more characters

Make a character based off of naruto


This is a funny video game it’s brutal to #loveit


Pretty good game over all but two things that ruin it. First the shower you with ads! Win a game? Ad! Lose a game? Ad! Want a chest? Ad! Secondly once you unlock all the modes and collect a few characters the game becomes SUPER boring. The content is very limited. This is one of the games you play when you don’t have WiFi and it is the only game that doesn’t need WiFi.

The man named B0{o

Make sure there's a guy with blue hair. He wares white bloody shoe. And a salmon button up shirt.


It's really good but make the characters Easier to get or I mite be out sorry but it's just to hard and make the aiming system accurate and easier k I love it your great but a bit of bugs

My name is john



This game is so good I am so addicted to this game and you should download it I love the it!

Great game

Love it

Good game

Awesome game. Love it!

A really good game

There are many characters and targeting your opponent is awesome and you should get this game 😂


I kept getting annoying adds about it so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m very happy with the fact that it’s not as crappy as adds.

Amazing, but sometime annoying.

The game is great, and amazing, but only being able to watch 10 ads every hour? With that new character, watching 100 ads is very annoying. Some of the characters down even have a fatality. Like Neko, the one I was hoping to get, simply had no fatality and that made me very mad. But...Since We're allowed to give Ideas... I PRESENT A NEW CHARACTER! TRACKY! *Is a train driver. *need to watch 5 ads to get! *fatality is getting run over by a train. Or something to do with a train (If you can make that) *Has a decent A.I Anyway, the game is good, you should get it, though there are some kinks to figure stuff out. Great game!

5 stars

This game is the best game ever it is so cool ❤️ But I do have suggestions like custom characters that you use different things that you've bought to make your own custom character.



I love the game

It is a good game but it is just like happy wheels it has lots of blood



Very fun but

It is a good game but MY GAME KEEPS ON Crashing!!!! FIX THIS NOW PLEASE! It crashes when It shows me a ad I hate it


So fun




You should at like the angel


Endless fun👍


A very nice game

Be sbsusj

Snr downs



Apple Shooting...

I love this game. It's fun and addictive. I've unlocked every mode and I found one problem. The apple shoot shoots whenever. I try to shoot back and it shoots whenever it wants to. Please fix this since this a great game!


Amazing game

Plz listen to my idea

Plz add a toy story character that would be funny also add a basketball player and make the basketball bounce high as a special ability and finally make a lego mini figure that throws a giant lego brick thank you. And if you read this credit me with Taylor Lindman thank you again

Character idea / suggestion

I have an idea of a character my idea is a character named lone-liver like the lone survivor from the video game fallout he would be wearing a suit with a 111 on the back and it's blue on most of it with yellow on some like a suit, his weapon would be a small pistol that is shown for the lone wander and it shouts out a small bullet and it's special ability is the bullet speeds up finally the finishing hit is v.a.t.s which is from the fallout games and when it hits the target gets a green light over it with numbers on each limb then it should pick a limb(preferably the head) and the head would just come clean off and on the top of the screen it should say "critical hit!"

What you can add and all that stuff

It would be cool if you can add wonder woman that throws swords you don't have to but I would be cool

Amusing, fun; Too many ads

Simple gameplay and easy to pick up. Still offers a slight challenge. I’m a fan of the art and gore. However, way too many ads. Nearly each round you play, you get another ad. Not quite worth the asking price to remove them. I’d happily pay $1.

Bowmasters character idea: frank fazbear!!!!

Frank fazbear is a character from 50 nights at Franks. He will throw a microphone at enemies. His fatality will be a jumpscare that scares the other players skin off!!!!!!

So fun but so annoying!

This is a really fun game that is when you actually get to play it. There are so many freakin ads! You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Then when you do get to play the game there are a bunch of bugs so it freezes or skips. The actual game itself ad free and working is a really good time just sad that this company needs ads on top of ads on top of ads to run it.

Great Game + character suggestion.

First off, this game is amazing. I love the creative character parodies! I think another character you should do is Pennywise from It. Maybe you can call it Evil Clown or something. Anyway, great game, keep up the good work!

Best game ever! Yes

This is the best and fix bugs and goodjob


Game is cool

Stupid, addictive fun little game

At first view, I was like, "No." But this game has high playability stupid cute idea! Pretty good game for free!! I recommend!

Good game

I love this game


Awesome game keep it up




Great game


I would give 5 stars if ALL charactors were available without using actual money


This game is really fun!


I think they should add a character called sonic but with the name senic or sanic or sunic lol

Why I gave it 4?

I gave the game a 4 because I wish it let you see both enemy and your self at the same time

Bow masters 👍🏻👍🏻

Great game




Cool game

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