Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game App Reviews

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It’s good

I love it

5 Star

It’s cool


The game is fun enough but the adds are obnoxious and most the time the bonuses for watching videos causes the game to freeze and you don’t get the bonuses


Pretty good

Along with some Tank reskins; this is great

Reminds me of the old days playing local 1v1s of those tank dueling flash games on my old dell pc. This is a form of nostalgia.

Good game

Love the different characters and how it's hard

Too many ads!!!

You will spent more time watching ads then playing the game. I couldn’t take it anymore and paid $4 to remove the adds and guess what? I STILL HAVE TO WATCH ADS??!!?!?!? Money back please.

A D D I C T E D 😍‼️

This Game Is Super Easy And Fun To Play With Or Without Friends.

Good idea, bad app

Good game concept. Fun to play but game ads are overwhelming and the game crashes or freezes up too often to keep me from paying to skip ads. Deleted app.

Not like the add

In the add for the game it shows a face scan, customized character and changeable weapons for the characters.


Good game

Old version better

I like old version more


Party masters is garbage



I love it

My dad is a marine so that is why

Better saluting for the exes I’ve adds

Should have a feature to git jewels or coins watch an add for so many coins or jewels


Very entertaining game. Love it


Great game overall

this game is awsome

i like this game alot.if you like violent games,you should play this game.p.s don’t let little kids play this game


I genuinely love this game There are barely any ads


I really like this game it's quality is really good!😀😀

Ads are a problem sometimes

Lately I have tried to get a second chance to kill or get a fatality win, the ads will freeze on me. So I’m not able to continue to get a second chance of winning or the fatality points. I noticed it will also happen when I click on the (continue) chest. I have an iPhone X with ATT. Are y’all experiencing the same problem??

What happened

This game about 3 months prior to this review was great. Everything was earned even if you had to grind. It was unique in gameplay and in content not being all micro transactions but now even this game has taken the road down hill towards greed. Locking 16 characters behind a 7.99 per month paywall is utterly pathetic. You treat your game as a console quality game but in reality it’s a mobile game and that’s it so please treat it like one and revert back to the ability to have all characters. I’m disappointed that even you guys fell down this hole too


All the characters are cool in design and the stuff they throw make it even more fun 5 Star

A good game



Noice Game

Good game

I like This game


i really enjoy this game!! i understand the use of ads as you’ve got to pay bills somehow, i just wish they weren’t so frequent. 👍🏻


It’s fun

It cool

It’s a 3 for now if I could play online it would be better

Love this game

It's super funny violent. There is nothing like a long day at work pissing me off and come home and watch a little gamer girl literally explode. It's just a funny game

Good game

Good game love it

Good game

Really fun.not that laggy

Good game

Great game to pass the time

This game is....

This game is a good game. If you are into killing people and if you love blood. So it’s right up my alley!


Good game no lie

4 stars

Fun but ads about the game were annoying till I get it it is very fun

Lit awesome game

It’s really fun I just started playing you will lick it to download now 🤗😯😦😧😮😲🤑


I think that is actually amazing

Love the game

So amazing


It’s ok not great



So addicting!

I just love shooting people and the characters.

Simple and brutal

Reminds me of celebrity death match and the ads dont make me want to kill myself. Bravo!


Love the game super fun to compete against different people!!

The best

Thank you so much I love it so much and thank you for making this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜💘💝💖🖤💟


i love this game it’s so much fun

Pretty good

Good game


I love it

It was fun.

I can't stop playing

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