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A little violent

It's a little violent so younger kids shouldn't play this but overall it's super fun addicting and well fun

It's not so amazing but it's amazing

The thing is that there is to much ads


It's fun

Good game

Fun game a lot of ads though.

Way, way, WAY too many ads.

I have to watch at least 2 commercials after every fight!? Some of the video ads run a full minute.


Fun game


It is a good game




No very fun to simplistic in fact to get freemium goodies you have to write a review




Nice game


I like them.

I love it😀😃

I killed Jim so good his guts flew out! I love that the adds are quick and fast and also my goal is to get Dr.sick because he is sick!His weapon is awesome!I hope he is better than the skeleton astronaut.Thats how I killed Jim.Im still on the computer because I started the game yesterday.Its already so fun!


Hey why you in here huh?



Awesome.......Just Great

I love this game so much I play it 24/7

Okay game

It’s good

Good game

Dope game!!!


I just did this for a chest


Fun and addictive

10/10 ign would recommend is a must play

What the sign said




Good game u should get it 🌠

Bloody fun!

This game is super fun, but there's too much blood.

Not enough Girl Characters

There are some girl characters, but most of which you only able to get if you get the gem membership and the others are... well, revealing, and I honestly believe that is unacceptable. I am asking that you please change that.



Fun game

I like it.

The ad monster strikes back...

Okay, sure the GAME is fun, and addicting, or anything else a fairy princess would say. But ADWISE, this game is a nightmare. Every single time that i finish a round, an ad will play. Sometimes, I get hit by ads DURING a round.


This game is good


Way too many Ads

Pretty good.

I like this game, its fun to play with your friends

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Great game, but room for improvement!

This game is super fun and I enjoy playing it as a daily time waister, although there are some things you could improve upon. My brother has had this game for ages and recommend it to me (along with saying things like “yOu CaNT bEaT mY kInG oCtoPUs!!”) Once I downloaded this game I started grinding to get multiplayer, so I could play against my bro. Upon playing for a while, I decided I might buy this “King Octopus” Dude and maybe the Shark because he seemed like a pretty legit character. I observed that I could only get him with this “Diamond membership” which I thought was respectable...until I saw the price. $7.99 a WEEK?? If I did my math correct that would be about $384 a year (check that answer, will you?) That is a RIDICULOUS price for a children’s game. After scrolling thought to see the characters that I could actually afford, I saw a few that looked interesting, but upon further inspection from my sibling, I realized all of these characters had way worse performance than others that were included in the Diamond Membership. Also hearing that they used to be free made me quite irritated, since the players who have been playing longer would be practically impossible to beat. Maybe making the membership a lower price like 4 or 5 bucks a MONTH would be more affordable for the average consumer (that’s about $48-60 a year in case anyone was wondering). You could maybe consider including some of these characters in chest roulette or the daily gift chest, or making them a high price in coins or real money. I definitely enjoy this game, though I’m not sure how long I will continue to play because of the outrageous prices of characters.

I love this game

It is so hilarious and funny and let’s not forget this is an fun,amazing game


Si fun

Very good

Very good


The game is awesome 😎



Bowmasters-Best Game Ever

Bowmasters is the most addicting game ever!!!!! I can't stop playing it


The shark power up shuld be a sunami

Best game ever


It's actually a pretty good game it's addicting too. I would play this half of my day.😂

It's great

Bowmasters review

Its a fun game

It’s pretty neat

I just want that free chest


Good game

Love it

Love it

When your bored

Whenever I'm bored and want something to do, I just grab my tablet and play this game.



Good game

Nigerian tribes

Perfect Stress Realiver

This game is very good when I am really mad at someone. It just feels awesome shooting an arrow into an idiots' knee. I rate this better than KTB!!

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