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So annoying

I’m sick of it breaking down every second game and sick of ads. It is a cash grab and I hate it. Ps I’m drunk

Why bow masters good game

It really fun there's tons of characters to choose and play as they all are different and some have cool abilities




To may ads

Best Game ever

Must words describe how cool this game is. I love the characters and all. Absolutely spectacular.


Yet a amazing game


Good game

Please fix

I could care less about the ads, you can skip them. The ads are not a problem but every time i try playing apple hunt the game freezes up, haven’t even got to try it once. Another thing, the screen goes blurry and flashes and the game just stops working, very annoying.


I’m trying to play the apple gameplay on Bowmasters but it won’t let me





Love it

There is so much blood blood I say bllod😈😈

This is

I love Bowmasters it's so good I like it so much

Very fun game!

I really like this game because it tests your archery skills and you can play with your friends and random opponents! So it’s a really fun game but, there is a little to much blood so can you try and remove a little blood when you hit your challenger? Thank you!😄

Add this skin plz and amazing game

Add this skin the tomato head that’s in fortnite but in your style with a pizza axe to throw

Fun game

Bow Masters is a really fun game.

Kill kill

Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Advertisement Mecca

Decent gameplay. Kinda fun . But holy crap the advertisements are waaaaay annoying way too many and too often. Takes away from enjoying gameplay immensely

Rate 4free chest

It's aight.

Disturbing but fun

Guts and brains flying through the air as the final blow strikes lol disturbing. Knowing you’ve won when those guts and brains go flying... lol fun! Must have a twisted sense of humor to play this game.


It’s a good time waster

Keeps crashing

Everytime i try to play verses the computer, it crashes. Needs to be updated so it won’t happen.

New skin

I think you should make joker one because man cat hates the joker


This game was a really good hit

The biggest sad

You guys are the biggest and saddest example of a game getting the case of A(i)Ds, I understand playing ads once in a while, but you bombard them every few seconds. You even did one an “innovative” thing, you made a subscription thing, except the fact that ALL THE CHARACTERS WERE FREE OR GETABLE BEFORE. I just don’t like how there’s always that subscription pop up or the fact that it exists, Like my parents said to me Your were so promising, but now you’re a complete disappointment

It’s ok

When I was playing the made the other player so far away that it was impossible. But over all the app is pretty good

Pretty good

I wish u didn’t have to pay for everything


Coolest app ever


This game is fun I only writhe a review for the chest


Cool game


Nice game

There is a problem with my log in

Hi my name is Milaun and I’m having a problem with logging into it because every time I try to do a match it always logs me out of the game completely so again my name is Milaun and can you please help me out please

Love it

I really like this game but to get some things you need instagram for


Really good


The best game

Very fun!!

I really love playing this game in my free time! The adds aren’t that bad. The one thing I don’t like is the diamond membership, it’s a bit ridiculous to pay $7.99 a week, but I’m not getting so it’s fine for me! In the end this game is very great!


It is fun

This game is awesome

I recommend anyone who likes 1v1 or 2D types of games!


I love this game it’s so fun I hope for another update 😃


This game is awesome

Waste of money.

I wasn’t really affected by all the ads that occurred normally, because I normally play this offline. When I saw the “remove ads” for 4$, I was like “heck yeah!” Because originally I couldn’t get chests in the way I normally play it, so I payed the 4 dollars so I could get free chests at the end of each round, but NOPE! It just gets rid of the NORMAL ads that you get ONLINE! I wasted 4 dollars. Don’t get the remove ads. Don’t waste your money. Save your butt. You’re welcome. 😡


Worst app ever only good for releasing stress

It's a great game to play for free

It's a mind game but it's awsome

Two thumbs up

Great way to pass the time

Good game

Very good game

Good game

Matchmaking for pvp sometimes takes a while. Also players who intentionally disconnect when they lose a match in mvp should lose coins and gems for being poor losers. The winners get robbed of coins. If you can’t lose then don’t play...little b!tches.

New character should Be Spider-Man


It’s fine

I think some people are overreacting and saying”OH NO THERE ARE TO MANY ADS”.but is very fun and enjoyable and a lot of other pros.And besides we can always skip an ad.I bet some people are like.”Uh there are to many ads and I’m just gonna sit and do nothing because I’m to lazy to lift my finger and touch the flipping skip button

Pretty good game

Handles nicely like the character’s


This game is awesome I really recommend it only thing that I didn't like all the blood.

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