Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game App Reviews

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I want a new character

This character should have a very strong weapon that can kill the other player in one shot. Also I want this character to have a cool uniform with red and blue eyes


This game is great i got it for my grandson and he loved it



This game is amazing

I love this game! And I love playing it, but some things that do get in the way are the darn ad’s.

Great game but...

Great game but it's annoying when it brings you back to your home page on your device 😡😡😡😡😡😡


ads get in the way and i can’t even see my opponent that’s ridiculous


Love this game




This game is #1. I Hope it gets More Extremer than it is now!


This is a really fun game


Good game

Amazing but...

I love bowmasters but when it is multiplayer every time I won and I need to finish him someone always leaves and it is sad. Best of all the adds aren't to bad which I am happy about. I rated it a five star because I know how people leave the game but still it is not your guys fault.

Best mobile app I’ve used

It kept me occupied

It was good

It was good but too many ads




Fun to play when bored


This game is fun!! But ads be crazy🤙

Bow master

Good game

Pretty good

Graphic for kids but awesome game


Great way to kill time! Love the finishing moves. I recommend it to all.



It ain't bad

Not many ads



Love the game

Only concern is that it heats up my phone to 111.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which burns my hand when I play it, but other than that, I like the game

It's ok

I don't really like it theres to much blood


It was not as bad as I thought it was complete.I wouldn’t really recommend it to like 12+ a wreck well I think I should recommend it till like 4+ that’s a lot better today.


It's not a bad game!

I just bought it!!!

It’s so fun and amazing!!!


I first got this game and I saw it on an ad for it. I downloaded it and when it opened I came across a payment I had to make but I just pressed X out of it and then I was ok but still that was odd for a GAME!! Also there are a lot of ads!! Calm down Bowmasters😂

One star for me

It lags to many ads

Awesome gameplay, but constantly crashes

Bowmasters is an extremely awesome game. This is one of the best games i've ever played. Although there is a bit of a problem. Every time I win or lose a match, the game crashes and exits automatically. This bug has been going on for 3 weeks, and its driving me nuts. I hope you fix this bug! Thanks!



Why tee game is fun


Fun but crashes

The game is really fun but it's still glitchy

Read in heavy’s voice

Is good


This game is amazing keep it UP

Don’t pay to remove ads.

It does nothing.

Cool game


I used to be a pro

It was thanks to party master skin but now I’m back on the game So now I’m mashing them down

Best Artstyle

I loved the game but was surprised by how the art style looked. At first I thought it looked like the art form The Loud House but was different in some ways. Anyway great game 11/10


Its a great game

Best game

Have so much fun playing this app I love it so so much make more apps like this

So Fun!

*read title*

Good game

I love the game

Love the game!

Love the game but needs improvement, so kinda like 8 ball pool, it’s keep a record of how many wins and losses, it will be great! Also please can like an online tournament mode!


Fun game.

Pretty good!

Overall an enjoyable game!


Is the best


Its a game...😂🌝🌚lol

It’s good but I hate the ads

I like this game the adds are horable though uh Like take out half of the ads in your game will get so much more money I guess kind of money I don’t know what you get for games im like 10 so take those stupid ads out goodbye

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