Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game アプリのレビュー


This game is amazing

A little bit to much blood but I like it

The game is good


It’s cool and a good time killer

Fun but....

This game is fun but it has a lot of blood and nasty stuff not meant for kids


Awesome game, so simple and fun

good game


Very fun awesome


My Opinion

So, you own kick the buddy, right? Well if yes I would LOVE for you to add a buddy skin. Weapon is a AK47 (being thrown, of course.) well either way please add that. Now to the problems and how to solve them. 1: Just nerf the ads, do you need that much money? Not quite sure if you have remove ads thing, but here’s a solution: As this game does not require internet aka WiFi, just turn it off. Now, for number two. I’d love for you to nerf the ice king thingy. As I do not own the skin, I don’t exactly know what it is called. As it needs the ad nerf, otherwise it’d be the best game on the App Store.








It's great but too many adds



Fun and amusing

I have had this game for over one year and it is still a lot of fun. I have a dang bug wear when I press play against computer it shows all of the caricatures.I chose one then I press play and I play against the same prison every time then it crashes.the only way to change the opponent is play bird hunt so please fix this bug.

It's fun

It's fun and kinda addicting lol

Good game but way too many ads!!!

Love the game I can play for some time. But seriously an ad very round or after just adjusting a setting is a bit intense. And paying almost 3 bucks for this game is ridiculous too to remove ads. If anything it should be around $0.99. I can avoid ads with my VPN at home on my router but that is about it.

The diamond membership

Why. Why did you ruin this game by making the diamond membership. I got every character a long time ago so I redownloaded it just now and all my progress was lost( but that’s a separate problem) and now all my favorite characters I have to pay for. I know you need to make money and all but by doing this you pretty much ruined this game. Like come on seriously, back to when I played this before the ads where annoying but not terrible but now I can’t even play a round without it getting stopped by an ad!

Awesome game - too many ads

The good: this game is easy to learn and fun to play, and involves a TON of graphic cartoon violence. The characters are absurdly funny parodies of pop culture characters, each with a unique (and funny) weapon. The bad? There are so many ads it’s actually comical - it almost adds to the absurdity of the game. Here’s how a typical game goes: Let’s play Bowmasters! Before we begin, let’s watch this quick little video - ok, now let’s play...Congratulations, you won! Let’s watch this video to celebrate your victory! (Or, alternatively, Sorry you lost - here, watch this video to cheer you up!) Great, now let’s watch this video to collect your prize...nice prize! Would you like to watch this video to double it? Good job! Hey, you’re daily prize is available - let’s watch this video to claim it. Would you like to watch a video to claim tomorrow’s prize early? Alright! Thanks for playing - here’s a video for you to show our appreciation.


I usually only write reviews about games that are extremely bad. But this game is so good, the world needs to know. Some people complain about ads, but their idiots. It’s called AIRPLANE MODE. And the graphics are actually pretty good for a game like this. Not to mention the lack of bugs and glitches. Plus, me and my brother can not stand 1p games. So this would be a great option if you have a big family. So I’m going to go ahead and give this one a 5 star review. (Which I have never done before). So lucky you bowmasters.


Gay game

It’s really fun and addictive

The game is really fun and addicting. There’s not that many ads and you have a bunch of characters to choose from it’s a really cool game.


Could let loose on ads but other wise a great game!


Good gAme

The ads

I don’t like this game that much because there are too much ads when I always start the game it show an ad and when I win a round it shows an ad it like my reward is an ad

Just started good game

I just started the game. Enjoying the action.


So what’s up with the apple shooting section cause it keeps freezing and flashing colors. Please fix ASAP



Should be called CRASHMASTERS

Pay for no ads and you'll get ads! Lots and lots of ads. Great game but can't play without it crashing over and over again. It's been a long time but no fixes.


Very addicting very fun 5 Stars

Love the game

Best game ever

Free chest

Free chest if review



this game is wow

this game entertains me so much and gets rid of my stress i love it so much

Fun, Entertaining, Overall great game

Ads aren’t too terrible, gameplay is fun, really enjoyable time killer.


Is Ight

Can you make Dantdm

Can you make dantdm with his pugs

Not to bad

This game is vilent but fun to battle friends and have fun

Jeremiah review

So fun and dope


Is it good? Yes

fix the game

the appleshooter mode closes my app or closes the app I have an i phone 8

Fun game, funny graphics, ads are a little much

Title says it all.



Game is fun

The game is kinda in a propriate for kids but it’s not that bad


It’s fun for a car ride or something


Love this game!!

the game

the game is fun, and i realy love the graphics.


I like it a lot

Bow master

I like it so far


(TMLG) The Most Lit Game

Good game

Great game to have

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